Housing and Mortgage Information

Mortgage Relief

The primary “Investors/Insurers” have issued guidance to loan servicers (banks) on possible forbearance for homeowners who are experiencing financial hardships as a result of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Additionally the OCC has issued guidance addressing mortgages and banking/

Please see the following links:

General Guidance for Natural Disasters (provides general insight into policies and procedures regarding assisting homeowners with foreclosure avoidance

Avoiding Scams - Housing Counseling

Calling a loan servicer directly to discuss forebearnce options can generally be done without assistance (ensure you receive written confirmation of any agreement), however any discussions regarding loan modifications should be done with assistance.

HUD provides counseling assistance at no-cost. 

Beware of scams offering to assist in reducing loan payments, avoiding foreclosure etc that charge a fee!!

For information on HUD Counseling Agencies including how to locate the nearest office, please see following link https://www.hud.gov/i_want_to/talk_to_a_housing_counselor

Additionally you can contact http://www.hopenow.com/about-us.php - HOPENOW also has additional information of value including this from the Dept/ of Labor http://www.hopenow.com/pdf/DUA_Pamphlet_0414.pdf