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Hilltop Park

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  1. Picnic Areas
  2. Playground
Hilltop Park located near Nevillewood has a picnic area and a playground. To rent the Picnic area please call 724-693-0780.

Meadow Path

New to Hilltop Park is the Meadow Path, a meandering pathway through 55 acres of existing municipal meadowlands. This path connects Hilltop Park from the Tot Lot to the historic Woodville Cemetery next to the Villages at Neville Park. The Meadow Path is open to leashed dog walking. It is equipped with pet stations, supplying free dog waste bags and a convenient place for disposal.

The Meadow Path at Hilltop Park provides captivating vistas throughout the summer with natural wildflowers and beautiful rolling hills immersed a serene environment.


  1. Hilltop Park Pavilion

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