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Major Subdivision Preliminary Review Application


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Application Requirements
  • Step One

    1. Fees

      Major: 2 checks
      $600 plus $50 per lot and $1,700 Escrow

    2. Application for Subdivision – Major – Preliminary Only

      Plans must be folded – Rolled plans will not be accepted.

      This Application shall apply to all subdivisions which propose 4 or more lots and to all subdivisions which propose the construction or improvement of a public street, regardless of the number of lots proposed.

      Note: The attached checklist must be completed prior to submittal. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

    3. Applicant Information

    4. General Development Information

    5. Proposed Land Use

    6. Note: Developed area includes all areas utilized for building, parking, loading, recreation and all areas graded, improved or otherwise disturbed in connection with the development of the site.

    7. Is rezoning required to permit proposed land use?

    8. If yes, has an application for rezoning been filed?

    9. Does the proposed development require the issuance of any zoning variances?

    10. If yes, has an application for a variance been filed?

    11. Does the proposed development require the issuance of waivers or modifications?

    12. Note: A written request for modification must accompany the application.

    13. Streets

    14. The proposed streets will be:

    15. Has a Highway Occupancy Permit from the proper authority been applied for or issued?

    16. Will any existing roads need additional right-of-way?

    17. Utilities

    18. Is public water available to the site?

    19. Has a letter of intent for service been supplied with this application?

    20. Is public sewage available?

    21. Has a sewage facilities planning module been submitted?

    22. Has the public sewage facilities owner approved the design plans?

    23. Has a stormwater management plan with supporting documentation been submitted?

    24. Site Information

    25. Is the site within the 100 year flood boundary?

    26. Has an on-site sub-surface soils investigation been conducted?

    27. Has a copy been submitted with the application?

    28. Has there been a determination regarding the likelihood of landslides or landslide prone areas or soils on the site?

    29. Has the site been deep mined?

    30. Has a traffic impact analysis been performed?

    31. Will the proposed development include the relocation, alteration or enclosure of any watercourse or wetland?

    32. If so, have necessary permits been applied for and/or submitted?

    33. The applicant hereby acknowledges that the he/she has familiarized himself/herself with the requirements of the township’s governing ordinances and hereby agrees to abide by all rules, regulations, ordinances and resolutions of the township of collier. The applicant further understands that he/she is responsible for all engineering and legal review fees associated with this application.