What are the hours at the Township Office? The Township Office is open Monday – Friday, 8AM – 4:30PM.

Where is the Collier Township Municipal Building? The Township Building is located at 2418 Hilltop Road, Presto, PA 15142

Where do I go to vote? Call the Allegheny County Voting Registration 412-350-4510, or check the County website and click the Voting tab.

Where are Board of Commissioners meetings conducted? There are two meetings a month of Township Commissioners; the first meeting is the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00PM, the second meeting is the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00PM, both meetings are conducted at the Municipal Building in the Meeting Room.

I am on a payment plan with the Water Company, however I received a delinquent sewage bill from the Municipal Authority, why is this.  Please call the Collier Township Municipal Authority at 412-279-4941.


Where do I pay a traffic or non-traffic citation or ask for a hearing? DISTRICT COURT: 05-221 Justice Maureen McGraw Desmet, 412-221-3353  295 Millers Run Road; Bridgeville, PA 15017. They handle the two-sided traffic and non-traffic citations. An ADA is usually there in Monday afternoon before the 1:00pm hearings.

COLLIER TOWNSHIP POLICE TICKETS:  Put payment in yellow envelope and mail to Collier Township Police or put in our black mailbox outside the police entrance.  If payment is not received within 15 days, you may receive a district court citation.

What number do I dial in an emergency? Dial 9-1-1; do not call the police station number. No one is usually in the station as the officers are out on patrol most of the time. Non-emergency calls dial 412-279-6911 and the office number at the station is 412-276-5051

Who do I call if I’m depressed or feel suicidal? Allegheny Crisis Emergency Services: 1-888-424-2287, this is a free service to all Allegheny County residents.

Who can I turn to if I’m a victim of a violent crime?  Center for Victims of Violent Crimes: 412-392-8582 — Domestic Abuse Counseling: 412-431-4999 — Pittsburgh Action Against Rape: 412-431-5665 or 866-363-7273 — Family Resources: 412-363-1702 or 877-927-6596 — PA Crime Stoppers: 1-800-472-8477 US Attorney’s Office, Pittsburgh, PA: 412-644-3500 — Older Adults Protective Services: 717-255-2790

Do the Collier Police offer fingerprinting services? Collier Twp. PD no longer does fingerprinting.  Try the PA State Police, Findlay 449 McCormick Road, in Moon Township.  Dispatch 412-787-2000.

Can the Collier Police Department check on my residence if I am out of town? Yes, please fill out the following form and turn it in to the Police Department during business hours. Vacation Notification Form

What should I do if there is excessive noise in my neighborhood such as horns honking, barking dogs, loud car stereos, etc.? Please call Allegheny County Non-Emergency Dispatch at 412-279-6911

Code Enforcement

When do I need a building permit? You will need to obtain a building permit when constructing any of the following: Additions, adding on a porch roof, air conditioning unit, deck or patio, retaining wall over 4 feet in height, garage, new house, swimming pool. These are just some examples to give you a general guideline. You can contact our office if you have any questions.

When is a building permit not required? You do not need to obtain a building permit for the following: Replacing doors and windows within existing structure, replacing downspouts, gutters, soffit, and fascia, replacing kitchen and bath fixtures, such as cabinets, counter tops  and sinks. Also you do not need a building permit to replace roof shingles. These are just some examples to give you a general guideline. You can contact our office if you have any questions.

When do I need a zoning permit? You will need to obtain a zoning approval permit when erecting a fence or any accessory use structure such as a shed, car port, small garage, wall, swimming pool, deck, parking pads. Commercial signs also require zoning approval. These are just some examples to give you a general guideline. Also please note that the Township Ordinances require a survey of the property be submitted with the zoning permit application for permission to erect a fence.

If I decide to sell my home or rent it, do I need a Certificate of Occupancy? Not for a sale but if you rent your home to need to obtain a rental license from the Township Building. They are available for $10. Call 412-279-9998.

Where do I report an Ordinance complaint such as high grass, unsightly property, abandoned vehicles, etc.? Please call 412-279-9998


When can I place my garbage out on the curb for pickup? Garbage and recycling should be placed at the curb after 6PM on the day prior to collection and before 6AM the morning of scheduled collection. Late set out will be noted by the driver and may not be picked up.

What do I do if the Garbage Collector fails to pick up my trash? Please call Republic Waste Services at 412-429-2600

Does Collier recycle? Yes.

My blue recyclable container is obtained through Republic Services. Call Republic Waste Services at 412-429-2600.

There is a dead animal in the road, who do I call? Please call Animal Control Service and report the problem at 724-503-4417.

Public Works

I have yard waste, what do I do? Grass, leaf and yard waste can be dropped off at the Collier Township Public Works Stock Yard (110 Noblestown Road, Carnegie, PA 15106) from 8AM to 12PM Monday through Friday. Use only approved paper bags (can be purchased at Lowe’s, Home Depot or other local hardware stores) NO PLASTIC GARBAGE BAGS WILL BE ACCEPTED, bundle tree branches smaller than 4 feet in length and 2 feet in width, no bag or bundle can exceed 40 pounds.


Am I permitted to have a recreational fire on my property? Per the Allegheny County Code, recreational burning is permitted, however the fire must meet the following conditions: the fire must be controlled in an area no bigger than 4’ x 4’, the materials being burnt must be clean, natural woods – NO GARBAGE, treated / painted lumber, plastics… Also per the County Code, the odor and smoke from the fire must be contained within your property limits. If the smoke or odor travel onto neighboring properties and the neighbors do not wish to have the smoke and / or odor within their property, the fire can be ordered to be extinguished by a Borough Official (Police Officer, Fire Officer …)

Does the Township have an emergency signal to warn us about a possible flood? No.

Who do I contact about renting the Presto Fire Hall? Please contact Presto VFD at 412-221-5677 or visit prestovfd.org.

Tax Collection

What is the real estate tax rate (millage) and what are the payment periods? The Township millage is 3.13 which includes a general millage rate of 2.73 mills and an emergency services fee millage rate of .40 mills; the School is 16.60670; the County is 4.73. Jordan Tax Service was appointed Deputy Tax Collector for the Township in May 2012; please refer all collection questions to them at 724-731-2335. 

What school district is Collier Township part of? Collier Township is one of the four communities that make up the Chartiers Valley School District. The four communities are Collier Township, Scott Township, Heidelberg Borough and Bridgeville Borough.

I have other tax questions?

  • For IRS or PA Department of Revenue forms please see your state representatives.  
  • For property assessment, call the Allegheny County Office of Property Assessments Public Information Line 412-350-4600
  • For property taxes in Collier Township, call Jordan Tax Service at 724-731-2335 or write JTS Deputy Tax Collector at 102 Rahway Rd., McMurray, PA 15317
  • For business privilege taxes, call Jordan Tax Service at 724-731-2335
  • For local income tax and occupation tax questions, call Jordan Tax Service at 724-731-2335

Water/Sewage Services

Please direct all water/sewage related inquires to the Collier Township Municipal Authority at 412-279-4941