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For Immediate Release: October 5, 2016
Contact: Salvatore Sirabella, Township Manager
[email protected]


Collier Township, PA – For the third year in a row, the Collier Township Commissioners have partnered with the University of Pittsburgh in conjunction with their annual “Pitt Makes a Difference Day” to facilitate improvements within the community. This year’s effort continues to target clearing and cleaning up the cemetery of the former Woodville State Hospital on Saturday, October 22nd.

The Woodville Cemetery is located on property owned by the Township of Collier, adjacent to Hilltop Road, near Interstate 79 and the border of the Borough of Heidelberg, accessible through the new residential community of Neville Park, the site of the former campus of Woodville State Hospital. The cemetery is the only remaining remnant of this former institution that operated on this site in Collier Township from 1867 through the early 1990’s. At the edge of the wooded cemetery stands a memorial dedicating the cemetery by then Governor Dick Thornburgh. The cemetery includes approximately 692 graves of former patients; each grave is marked with a solemn 10” tall concrete marker that does not indicate any name or personal information, only a three-digit identification number. All of the graves are in neat rows in numerical order, tucked into the wooded country-side.

“We are excited about this opportunity to partner again with Pitt to make improvements and continue to clear and clean the cemetery. As a community, it is important to not forget about the thousands of people who lived, received treatment and even who perished at Woodville. The State Hospital played a pivotal role in our local economy; during its operation by sustaining hundreds of local jobs and providing an essential public service to people in need, and after its closing by spearheading redevelopment within Collier,” stated Township Manager, Sal Sirabella.

Collier Township is also seeking volunteers to help in this effort. If interested in volunteering on October 22nd, 10:00 am- 2:00 pm, please contact the Collier Administrative Office at 412-279-2525.

The University of Pittsburgh and the Office of Pitt-Services sponsor the annual Pitt Makes a Difference Day (PMADD). As part of this program, Collier made application to the University seeking assistance with this Woodville Cemetery Project. Pitt will provide 42 students and two staff members the day of the event to assist in the improvement initiative. PMADD seeks partnerships in the Greater-Pittsburgh area to ensure that the community receives a meaningful impact while the students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local communities and truly “Make a Difference.”



News for Immediate Release
For Immediate Release: July 27, 2016
Contact: Salvatore Sirabella, Township Manager ([email protected])


Collier Township, PA – The Collier Township Board of Commissioners proudly announced at their meeting that Standard & Poor’s (S&P) has affirmed their “AA+” bond rating and a determination of a “stable outlook” report in regards to the Township’s financial health.

According to Township Manager Sal Sirabella, “the Township’s full-faith-and-credit general obligation” pledge secures the ability for debt restructuring.

The high bond rating was made possible by four main principles according to Standard & Poor’s:
• Small community with direct access to the diverse employment base within the Pittsburgh metropolitan statistical area.
• Good-to-Strong income and wealth.
• Strong finances, including, what they considered, very strong reserves, and,
• Moderate debt with limited additional capital needs beyond this bond issuance.

Standard & Poor’s praised the Collier Township Board of Commissioners and the Township’s Administration for their exemplary financial practices that have netted general fund surpluses over the past five years, maintaining a 10% reserve policy, administration of a five-year capital improvement plan, and for managing and sustaining two funded pension plans.

“S&P’s AA+ rating and stable outlook is a great attribute for the Township employees and our citizens. Through our diverse property base and strong finances, the citizenry will benefit through affordable long-term debt that will enable many capital improvements,” stated Township Manager, Sal Sirabella.

S&P Credit Ratings range from AAA (Highest Rating – Extremely strong capacity to meet financial commitments) to D (Payment default on financial commitments). AA+ series is the second to highest rating, defined as the creditor has a very strong capacity to meet financial commitments.



News for Immediate Release
For Immediate Release: June 29, 2016
Contact: Salvatore Sirabella, Township Manager ([email protected])


Collier Township, PA – The Collier Township Board of Commissioners proudly announced that it was awarded a $4,387 Active Allegheny grant with funding supported by the Richard King Mellon Foundation to develop the Collier township Trail Network Map and Guide.

The Trail Network Map and Guide Project will create an attractive guide and map that will be distributed to residents and made available at the trail heads, new community center, and other public facilities within Collier. The map stands as a bridge to bring new users to the trails and helps connect trail patrons to other trails that they might have not realized existed here in Collier.

“The production of the Map and Guide is at a pivotal moment for the trails within Collier Township in 2016. The collier Discovery Path is a pedestrian and bike trail that connects Route 50, the Neville House/Woodville Plantation, Hilltop Park, and Nevillewood communities to the Panhandle Trail to Settler’s Cabin Park and the Botanical Gardens, and ultimately to the Montour Trail. The Collier Discovery Path trail segments are approximately 70 percent completed,” stated George Macino, President of the Board of Commissioners.

Live Well Allegheny efforts are funded by the Richard King Mellon Foundation through the Allegheny County Health Department. Live Well Allegheny was launched in January 2014 as a comprehensive, innovative strategy on wellness that embraces a board concept of living well to include physical health, mental wellness, personal and community safety, prevention and preparedness and much more. Today there are 24 Live Well Allegheny Communities, include Collier Township.



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