Leaf Collection/Yard Waste 2017

To be announced.

Rules to follow for leaf collection:

  • • Leaves must be raked curbside or to the edge of the residency.
  • • Pick up will be via the township’s Leaf-Vac truck along residential streets ONLY.
  • • Leaves may be bagged, but you must use brown leaf & garden bags only – PLASTIC BAGS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!
  • • Dates are approximate and subject to change depending on weather.
  • • After (to be announced) all leaves must be bagged with brown leaf bags (not plastic bags).

Dates to be announced.

Monday through Friday – Time to be announced.
Drop off at the Public Works Stock Yard (Walkers Mill)
110 Noblestown Road / Carnegie, PA 15106

Rules to follow when dropping off yard waste at the stock yard:

  • • Accepting grass, leaves, branches, and garden waste in paper bags only.
  • • Leaves may be bagged. Use a brown leaf & garden bag only – NO PLASTIC!
  • • Tree branches must be bundled and may not exceed 4 feet in length and 2 feet in diameter).
  • • No paper bag or bundle may exceed 30 pounds.