collier-pavilionCollier Township Community Center
5 Lobaugh Street
Oakdale, PA 15071

Pavilion Rental Fees
Pavilions available for rent beginning Monday, March 6 for Collier residents and Monday, April 3 for non-residents.

To reserve a pavilion, please fill out the pavilion request form at the Collier Community Center during regular operating hours. You must submit a $100 damage deposit/hold check, made out to Collier Township. Full reservation must be paid within 14 days of submitting request form. Cancellations will be charged full damage deposit.

Park Resident Non-Resident/
Alcohol Permit
Webb Park Pavilion
11 Walnut Avenue
Pavilion Size: 41×25
Max Occupancy=60
  $75   $100 $40
Kelly Park Pavilion
Sitman Road
  $75   $100 $40
Collier Park Pavilion 1
Lobaugh Street
Pavilion Size: 58×32
Max Occupancy=140
  $150   $175 $40
Collier Park Pavilion 2
Lobaugh Street
Pavilion Size: 40×36
Max Occupancy=120
  $120   $140 $40
Hilltop Park Pavilion
Hilltop Road
Pavilion Size:
Max Occupancy=
  $75   $100 $40

Webb Park Pavilion has electricity, one charcoal grill, and restrooms.

Collier Park Pavilions 1 & 2 have electricity, two charcoal grills, and restrooms.

Kelly Park has electricity and restrooms.

Hilltop Park Pavilion has electricity and restrooms.

For more information, please call the Collier Community Center at 724-693-0780.