Emergency Management Agency

Dave Brown – Emergency Manager

Emergency Management Agency
Collier Township Municipal Building
2418 Hilltop Road, Suite 100
Presto, PA  15142
Hours: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
(412) 279-2525

The Collier Township Emergency Management Coordinator is responsible to maintain the Township’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and serves as the Director of the Emergency Operations Center (EOP) in times of local, state and federal disaster, whether natural or man-made.

The Collier Township Emergency Management Agency is responsible for the coordinator of first responders and elected officials for the purpose of emergency preparedness within the municipality.  Key functions include:  risk management and assessment, disaster planning and training, hazard mitigation, coordination of communications, logistics and record keeping.

The Emergency Management Coordinator serves as the liaison with county, state and federal emergency management agency officials.

Collier Township’s Emergency Management Agency adopted the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

Warming Centers

If an extreme situation should occur, like the winter of 2010 when people were snowed in and the electricity was off for several days in parts of the community, there are several things you need to know about getting help.

  1. There will always be police on duty and ready to help you.
  2. The road crews will be out in force to clear the roads.
  3. All 3 Volunteer Fire Companines will be open, assuming they have power, to be used as warming centers.
  4. The Township Building will also be open to serve as a warming center.

Important phone numbers:

Emergency 911
Collier Police Non Emergency Dispatch – 412-279-6911
Office:  412-276-5051
Collier Public Works 412-279-2525 Ext. 312
Collier Twp. Municipal Office 412-279-2525
Kirwan Heights VFD 412-221-8382
Presto VFD 412-221-5677
Rennerdale VFD 412-276-9652
Dave Brown 412-279-2525

If Dave Brown is contacted by the Allegheny County Emergency Management Office about any serious situation that could, in anyway, effect the residents of Collier Township, he will immediately contact Chief Campbell and as soon as possible have the information placed on the Collier Township Web Page.

Please click to visit The Collier Township Emergency Management Plan.