Police Services


Collier Township Police Department

2418 Hilltop Road
Suite 400
Presto, PA  15142
Office Hours:  8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

ALL EMERGENCIES  DIAL 9-1-1 (Police, Fire, Ambulance)
(412) 279-6911 Non-Emergency -Allegheny County Dispatch
Administrative questions can be directed to (412) 276-5051 Mon.-Fri. 8a.m. -4:30pm.

To leave a voicemail message 412-276-5051

Enter extension then the “#” key.

  • Chief Craig Campbell #400
  • Sgt. Robert Ferrence #414
  • Sgt. Brian Halbleib #416
  • Sgt. Eric Davis #423
  • Richard Lamb #412
  • Kris Sabin #418
  • David Brown #419
  • Greg Jolley #420
  • Dan Elway #421
  • Franz Zygmuntowicz   #422
  • William Oslick #424
  • Steve Oberle #425
  • JP Duckworth #426
  • Jordan Fascetti #428
  • John Vojtko #429
  • Brian Blum #430
  • T.J. Hovanec #432
  • Cory Hurka #432
  • Records Dept. #456

ACCIDENT REPORT: A reportable accident is usually one in which someone was injured or a vehicle needed towed, Your insurance company can request the report from the police. The cost is $15.00.  Reports can be requested by mail if, along with the $15 check, you enclose a self-addressed paid envelope or a fax number.  Reports can take days to complete so call first if you need to come in for a copy.  They are available from the records technician Monday thru Friday 8:15am-4:00pm.

ALARM PERMIT form: Any resident or business with an alarm system needs a permit.  Residential alarm permits cost $50 and business alarm permits cost $65.  You can have three free false alarms in a calendar year, after that, a fine will be incurred.  If your alarm is false, have your alarm company notify 9-1-1 to cancel the alarm.

DISTRICT COURT: 05-221 Justice Maureen McGraw Desmet, 412-221-3353

295 Millers Run Road; Bridgeville, PA 15017. They handle traffic and non-traffic citations. An ADA is usually there in Monday afternoon before the 1:00pm hearings.

COLLIER TOWNSHIP POLICE TICKETS: Put payment in Yellow envelope and mail to Collier Township Police or put in our black mailbox outside the police entrance.  If payment is not received within 15 days, you may receive a district court citation.

EMERGENCY CONTACTS form: This form is for business contacts for after hours.

FINGERPRINTING:  Collier Twp. PD no longer does fingerprinting.

PARKING: There is no parking where there are signs or where it creates a hazard. However, the Collier Twp. Police do not enforce the homeowners association rules.

NO SOLICIT form:  Anyone who goes door to door to advertise their business, even with flyers is a solicitor.  The exceptions are religious groups and political parties. All others need a permit and ID for this.  They are not allowed where there are no soliciting signs either at a private residence or in Cloverleaf Estates, Nevillewood, Nevilleside and Summit Ridge.  They are also not allowed at houses on the no solicit list. A form is available to add you to this list. When doubt about solicitors, call 412-279-6911 while they are in the area.

UNLOCK CARS:  The Collier Twp. Police do not unlock cars unless it is an emergency such as a child locked in the car.

VACATION NOTIFICATION form: This form alerts the Police when you are away and any emergency contact.

To view all of Collier Township forms, please click here.


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