Authorities, Boards, Commissions

Civil Service Commission

Board Members:

  • John Kripp, Chairperson
  • Gerhart Egri, Vice-Chairperson
  • David Birchok, Secretary
  • Nancy Smith, Ph.D., Alternate Member
  • Vacant Seat,  Alternate Member
  • Tom McDermott, Solicitor

Planning Commission

Board Members:

  • Tom Chidlow, Chairman
  • Mike Ahwesh, Vice-Chairman
  • Kevin Smay, Secretary
  • Doug Price
  • Kevin Vaughn

Codes Appeal Board

Board Members:

  • Russell Boehm
  • Tom Chidlow
  • Jack Ramage
  • Doug Steel

Zoning & Hearing

Board Members:

  • Anthony Bagnato
  • Gary Ludin
  • Ray Ford
  • Tim Downey, Jr.
  • Jennifer Fox Rabold
  • Ray McKenna, Alternate
  • Craig Stevenson, Alternate
  • John Orie, Solicitor


Collier Township Municipal Authority Board

For more information about the Collier Township Municipal Authority and their appointed board officials please visit the Collier Township Municipal Authority Official Website.

Parks and Recreation

Board Members:

  • Tim Eckenrode, Chairman
  • Drew Weiss, Vice-Chairman
  • Lynn Heckman, Connectivity
  • Mary Popeck, Member
  • Barry Threats, Member
  • Derick Weagraff, Member
  • Anthony Vitale, Member
  • Vacant Seat, Alternate
  • Vacant Seat, Alternate